Being a Light

Hey everyone! So sorry I’ve been out for so long! I just started a new job and had to get used to it for a few weeks so I could settle in. But that’s not my excuse!! I’ve been feeling this ugly winter blues around me. I’ll get into those details soon! I also promised that I will write about my snow tubing experience in this blog post and you will see some pics too!


I started my new job as a receptionist at a car dealership last month at the beginning of February. It’s definitely not easy for sure. Where do I even begin? Being at front desk is not easy. You are literally the face of the company, the first person that walks in the door, they see you. Here are some details of my new job, at my desk, I receive tons of calls, some non- stop and I can’t really leave to go take a potty break because I can’t even miss one phone call. And let’s not forget to mention the annoying inappropriate music that play around all day. It’s awful! I feel like I’m in a club…

All the sales people at my new job are constantly under pressure. I would say that their job is on the list for most hard job in the world (besides doctors, cops, and paramedics) . They have to please people, and even deal with them too! (LOL) Of course I have to deal with the tough ones too, and even get yelled at sometimes. A car dealership is a bull dog environment, you get snapped at, looked at, and hear complaints sometimes. Don’t worry, it’s not mostly negative, sometimes it’s chill! But you know one thing that I notice anytime I get a job somewhere? I know that I’m there for a reason. It’s not a coincidence, I’d say it is a God-incidence.

A God-incidence you say? Absolutely yes!! A God incidence means that God does something on purpose, in order for you to realize that things are for the good, even when things seem bad! In my second week of working at the CD (Car Dealership), I put a bowl of candy and a beautiful plant. I wanted people to come by and talk to me! This was my way of offering kindness and peace to anyone around me. I did this for kids who come by and even for adults who come by the CD.

I won’t lie, I already had a few downs working there, but I did not give up! I started putting paper scripture verses on top of my computer, and I was not ashamed of it! I am not ashamed of the Gospel!! At my work, I am still figuring out who is a believer and who isn’t, and so far I know of two people who are believers. It’s so funny because today one of the managers asked me about the “bible verses” that I was typing the other day on my computer. And I smiled and said “yes, I like to keep them in front of me so I can be positive and so that I will know that everything will be okay.” He was happy to hear about my bible verses. He then mentioned that he is a Christian. I was so happy to hear about that! That made me laugh to myself because God never puts me in a place without having believers around me.

You see, even in the toughest work environment, you can be a light to those around you because the light of God GLOWS. It’s amazing to see that the small bible versus that I have on my desk, people actually pay attention and see them! Bible versus are good to have around because they are great conversation starters!

To conclude, even when your going through a rough time, even at work, just know that people will notice that there is something different about you, they will see the light. No matter the situation, know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Let me say it again YOU ARE NOT ALONE! God has your back. Even in tough times when you feel like your not good enough, just know that you are not alone. Even at my workplace, sometimes I feel alone, but I know I’m not because God is present.

May God Bless You Always,


P.S. I had an amazing time snow tubing. It was my first time ever going snow tubing. And it was so much fun with friends and family! Here are some pictures below!!

The place where we went to go snow tubing! Snow Valley!
BIG SNOW MOUNTAIN! On the other side of that snow mountain, there were even bigger mountains!!
A Selfie while going up the hill!

Our good friend Jordan on the left and Michael, my husband on the right!! Good friends and family are a blessing!